Since 2010, Woodruff Church of God has been partnered with the Western Territory of Honduras.

Manuel and me Under the leadership of territorial overseer Manuel Antonio Sorto Lara, great strides have been made in this territory.  The partnership began as part of a pilot program put into motion by the Church of God World Missions in Cleveland Tennessee. This program is called PENTECOSTUS ( 

There have been 4 major objectives or areas of focus as we partner together:

  1. Education
  2. Medical Needs
  3. Living Conditions
  4. Food

Education – This area consists of many different things.  From providing Sunday School curriculum, 150 Study Bibles for Pastors to prepare themselves better for the preaching of the Word, upgrading the territorial office to receive pastors when they come to get teaching and training (new showers, commodes, bunkbeds, fans), marker boards in 14 education centers along with mattresses for pastors to sleep on, and supplies finances for the education of children to go to school (uniforms, book bags & supplies).


Medical 1

Medical needs – we have traveled over much of the western territory with nurses from our church along with nurses and dentists from Pastor Manuel’s territory.  We have done well checks (blood pressure and diabetes test), administered and given medicine for blood pressure and diabetes, oral exams and pulling of teeth.  There also has been money given for emergency surgeries for Pastors or their wives.  Other support such as providing nebulizers, stethoscopes, and basic supplies such as gauze, tape, etc.



concrete floor

Living Conditions – Much of the sickness that the people of the mountains of Honduras face is because of eating and sleeping from off the ground.  Parasites and other issues plaque them.  Improving their living conditions not only provides a rising of moral, but literally helps in their physical problems.  So we have poured concrete floors in homes that have nothing but a dirt floor.  Roofs have been put on house and churches.  Two projects were begun to provide training for young people to learn a skill but also to be used to provide tables, chairs and beds at no cost to the pastors and their families.  A wood working project and a metal working project.  That has been operational for two years and many metal beds and kitchen tables & chairs have been delivered.  This has been some of my favorite things to do.  Visiting Pastors way up in the mountains who feel so isolated and forgotten.  But we show up with provisions for them and bring encouragement and hope.


rice and beans

Food – Lack of food or lack of nutritious food is a major problem in the Western Territory.  We provide rice & beans to help supplement what they may have.  We also provide provision boxes to pastors.  These boxes include, rice & beans, oil, sugar, toilet paper, tea, coffee, soap and other items.  These again, help to supplement what they have but also provide hope that they are not forgotten.  We also support nutrition centers, where families can go to get food and take back to their homes to feed their families.  Our Ladies Ministry also has provided monthly support to a group of young people who live at the church and do most of the work that is done throughout the territory in helping pastors and churches.  This money provides a month worth of food for these young people.  Our ladies are helping them help others.


Sunday School                    9:45

Sunday Morning Worship   10:30

Sunday Evening Service     6:00

Wednesday Teaching         7:00




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